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American Sycamore

About the American Sycamore:

The American Sycamore is a fast growing rugged tree. It is a large shade tree with a big trunk. The bark of the tree is smooth and almost white in color when mature. The way the bark flakes off of the tree in irregular thin flakes, gives the tree a spotted look. It is one of the largest hardwood trees. The trunk is usually straight and large, measuring 2-4 feet in diameter. The twigs of the American Sycamore are thin and zigzag. The flowers on the tree are tiny and together in a ball-like cluster. The fruits of the American Sycamore are brown balls that hang on stalks. The seeds in side the fruit are called “achnes” which are dry, hairy fruits. Humans use the American Sycamore in a number of ways. Helpful is planted along a stream to prevent soil erosion. Resistant to pollution.
The story of the leaves                         8282006_93146_1.bmp

The leaves of the American Sycamore tree
are a palmate with three to five lobes, or fingers.
The top of the leaf is bright green, while the
bottom of the leaf is a pale green. The leaves of
the tree turn from green to brown in the fall.